Our professional solutions is dedicated to your success. Our business model (Subscription and Renewals) demands that we continue to deliver value every day. 97% subscription renewal rate tells us how we deliver real benefits for our subscribers. We help our subscribers continually improve and extend the return they get from their investment.

Startegy Professionals Solutions

Ensuring your success is our highest priority. Every day, your company is impacted by a host of external factors and your management teams need to have a complete view so that they can take right decision. Having complete information and timely intelligence is crucial to your work. Keeping your eye on market moves our company-Wide solutions help you to track your competitors, customers, suppliers and the market. Our solution supports you by providing reliable information to facilitate better decision making.

Research & Development Professionals Solutions

Research is the driving factor behind many important decisions, so it makes sense to track research information round the clock. Our research solutions answer the most pressing challenges researchers and research managers face with rapidly changing contours of intellectual property law its necessary to protect your R&D investments and monitor technological developments. Our solutions give you 360-view of an individual company’s IP and research landscape. It helps you to establish, execute and evaluate research strategy and performance. Stay up to date with our information on studies/surveys, research and development and intellectual property information.

Manufacturing & Production Professionals Solutions

Maintain your plant and equipment for long-term, reduce errors, improve quality and resolve production issues. Achieve all this by keeping yourself updated with our information on production/operations, capacities/facilities, intellectual property, contract/Orders, technical issues, new product services, exports, imports, government/regulatory and taxation. Our solutions give you the information that will help you to keep pace with rapidly changing manufacturing and production world.

Sales & Marketing Professionals Solutions

How can you monitor and track your competitor? Use our solution to get a bird’s-eye view of your competitor on sales, new product/services, pricing, business partnership, promotional offers/ discounts, branding/marketing, business expansion, vendor/supplier relation, event conferences, technical issues and Awards/Accolades front. Our solution is used by sales and marketing professionals primarily to identify prospects and sales opportunities.  You will gain a deep understanding of these prospects by looking at their vast quantity of information. With our solution, you’ll have better insight  of competitive threats and business risk, as well as new products coming into market and partnership opportunities.

Investment Professionals Solutions

Our goal is to help you maximize your investment, we provide information published in worldwide web on fund raising/grants-earnings/ financial results, investor relations, merger/acquisitions, ratings/rankings, business fundamental, management change and business expansion to help investment professional to take right decisions. Investors requires access to reliable information on companies. In domains like OLED, graphene, RFID and 3D Printing this can be a particularly difficult as much of the information published were in other language and hardly any information is available. We curate information published in other languages and provide them as information briefs.

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