Dash Board

Your Dashboard, as always, is your starting point. This is where all relevant information for you, are listed. You may use your dashboard as your primary place for all purposes. Dashboards provide you with a quick snapshot of various updates in your domain. The main idea behind our dashboard is to give you a place where you can get an at-a-glance overview of what’s happening in your domain. Monitor risks and know trends in dashboard.


Our alert provides you with a time-saving solution to keep you updated on what’s happening around the world in your domain. Our alerts can also be subscribed on your mobile device to help you stay out of the mess. Our E-mail alerts provide you with a time-saving solution to keep abreast of latest updates of your domain. Our alerts will help your organization to stay on top of the metrics that matter. We deliver our alerts at 9.00 am EST or before.


None of us have time these days. We all want to read everything very quickly. In order to read quickly we need to understand the concept behind the information. We classify each brief with a topic which is a concept so that you can search and read a specific piece of information or a particular word very quickly. This will help you read and find information faster.

Today's Brief

Today’s Brief is the first thing our subscriber reads on daily basis. It helps you see what is happening in your domain. You will find a complete brief of each information item. Today’s Brief helps you to make more informed decisions.

Conceptual Filters

Easily monitor your domain with interactive filters like conceptual topic, company, source and information type. Quickly gain a deeper understanding of search results by filtering. Find relevant information quickly and easily –across any skill level

Download Briefs in PDF and Excel

Performs an analysis on a range of information, you can download the information you need in PDF or excel format. Understand historical perspective to help predict the future.

Mobile access

Our platform can be accessed anywhere, any time, any web browser, and on any device with a simple log in.


Our archive will help you understand historical perspective to predict the future. Our tagging helps you find and understand the information quickly.


Improve knowledge sharing for your team share briefs as per job function of your team members. Our briefs will help your team to stay on top of the metrics that matter.

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